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Hello there. I'm quite new to the modding of Skyrim and I'd like to add some adult content. I already have Feminine Running and High Heel Walk mods. I also have CHSBHC and CBBE and some lingerie mod. 

I have a female character called Blasty and I choosed Ysolda for her spouce. I would llove them to have some nice intimate time, and there goes my question.

What mods do you recommend?

I tried to search by myself but all I can find is some Enslavement Mods and other Bestiality Mods. I'm not really into that : I


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If you have found only these kind of mods then you clearly haven't really searched.


First of all, the SexLab framework:


For easy and fast access to sexual encounters MatchMaker:


And for the more intim and immersive approach try these:






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