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Bandits Are Randomly Not Dying

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This is a new bug that has been popping up for the past week.


Random bandits do not die. It's only the humanoids, orcs, elves, humans. I can come across a fort filled with bandits and some times half of them could not be killed. When I'd select them via console, they would have negative health. When I'd try to kill them via console it says "NPC cannot be killed". When I wound them enough to die, they stay in the bleedout stage. The only way around this is to delete them individually. But this is a quest breaker for many of the Civil War quests where you have to clear out forts. If the game doesn't record you killing someone, the quest can't complete.


I had thought it may have been a bug with sexlab Defeat, I uninstalled it and there was no change. Google search revealed no results.


Another odd indication is a lot of bandit chiefs are both naked, headless and frozen in movement yet they still move around. Arms and legs are frozen, but they still move. 

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