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Alrighty fellas, I've decided to do another play through of the original fallout 3. Decided to go with FO3 rather than TTY, just because I'm here mostly for nostalgia, dont trust my heavily modded FONV, and haven't played it in years. So what I need from you guys is some advice.


I have already downloaded and installed my favorite body replacer, type 3 with hd textures and the like as well as many other mods from the nexus (ENB, FWE, EVE, WMK, Ironsights, Unoffical patches, ect). I am, however looking for two types of mods to finish the job off:


I have noticed there is a lack of Type3 conversions for armor and weapons. The official ones barely make a difference in appearance, and the few I've found on my own around here are mostly conversions for all armor and clothes to bikinis with giant tits underneath. I'm looking for ones more like the Type3M conversions for FONV; ones that are slightly revealing, but still are considered clothes. There is a partial conversion on the Nexus, but it only covers about half the apparel in the game, so I'm looking for the complete set.

FONV Type3M example:



I have also noticed that FO3 discussion is dead here. The last remaining conversion efforts usually just say, FO3 version broken, working on TTY conversion, please wait. I was wondering if anyone knows of surviving sex mods for FO3. Anything that won't brake my game will be welcome :)






You guys have never let me down before, please help now :P

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