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Where Can I Learn To Make Custom Followers That Don't Edit The Vanilla System?


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So I'm aiming to make some custom voiced followers, but I don't want to edit the vanilla follower quests lest I run into incompatibilities with other mods. Does anyone know of any tutorials that can show me how?

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That doesn't help me at all. That's just how you create a new NPC, assign him an existing voice set, and make him recruitable.


I want to make a custom voiced follower, which involves working with quests to give them new dialogue. But editing the vanilla follower quests causes conflicts with mods like Extensible Follower Framework.

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Hrm... my digging seems to suggest this is gonna need the follower to have their own scripts if they are to be recruited without using the vanilla dialogue options and factions. Anyone know where I can look for a lead on this?

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