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[Request] Diablo 3 Armors/Weapons

Lovely Rose

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Sooo i been thinking a neat thing to add to Skyrim/Oblvion. (Maybe to FNV/F3 to, but will make a thread for that aswhile)




Not really these excatly, but any diablo 3 armor really.  It would make neat Clothing/Armors i think.


Plus diablo has alot of neat looking weapons that would look nice( aslong as its done nicely) in game



Just some ideas. Not really requesting someone do it for me.  Just saying, be a neat project if anyone was honestly looking for something to do <_< XD

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I agree we need more Diablo mods out here! If I had any modding experience and skill I'd make some in a heartbeat. 

Yeaaa same here.  Id make a quest where u have to kill diablo on skyrim/oblivion XD



How big these models are compared to the Skyrim ones?  Also these textures are so low in quality.

Not asking people to take a picture and copy and paste them.

Asking them to create copies onto skyrim. <_< not use the pictures to make the mod. you get a pretty understandable look and feel what they are supposed to be.


Make a sword, make it look the same. Blam!

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