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XRE-Cars Rock Crusher Jeep - by Rez

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File Name: XRE-Cars Rock Crusher Jeep - by Rez

File Submitter: RezRayV12

File Submitted: 23 Apr 2014

File Category: Models & Textures

Requires: FNV, XRE Cars,


XRE-Cars Rock Crusher

This is a Jeep that " REPLACES " the Pick Up Truck for XRE-Cars V.85.
Wheels turn and steer, drives just like the other cars Only better with the bigger Off Road tires.
This is just a model replacer and does not effect the functionality of the MOD.
Just copy Data Folder into your Fallout NV Data Folder.
NEW XRE - CARS v0_85 by Ermeso

Thanks to Ermeso for the XRE car mod..

Rez for port of the Ravaged Jeep and Rebuilding/Rigging the model to work with XRE Cars.
Note: I do not plan at this time to build any others. Time is limited and I had built this awhile back.
This mod works with XRE-CARS V0_85
ALSO, DO NOT upload on the nexus.. model parts are ported and are against Nexus Regs..
Enjoy. REZ

What's New in Version v1.2 (See full changelog)

Edited model for better rock climbing
Created New Model for XRE V.85 Update
(no longer works for OLD XRE Cars V.80)


Click here to download this file

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