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Submit and Defeat together, for what I have to care?

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I intend to use both mods together (this should be possible as far as I know), but I guess you have to care for their settings and adjustments, because some features of the one mod do not work with some of the other.


Could someone give me a brief advice for toggle/setting adjustment for using both mods in combination?


In addition I run SexLab 1.39b, Zaz Animation Pack 5.51, Private Needs 2.11 and Prison Overhaul 0.28 (and this combination works about perfect right now in combination with my other Skyrim mod setup of aound 200 mods and I don't want to fuck something up...).

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Honestly I would pick one for each part and turn the other one off. So for example


Submit - player defeated

Submit - seduction

Defeat - NPC/NPC

Defeat - Players is victor


etc. They work well together but work best if you turn off the features with one or the other.

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As far as I use both of them, I still have no problem activate all feature of both mods.

Just carefully set the threshold of each mods at a proper level ie. if you set Defeat to have victim threshold at 50%, you should set Submit auto submit at higher level (if you want Submit to take priority) and so on.

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