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Another Butt-jiggle topic


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Hey guys,


Somewhat new to all this HDT stuff, but I've been reading what I can and you all have been incredibly informative.


It should be noted that I have little to no knoweledge of xml.


Anyway, onto my main question:


I'm having some serious trouble adjusting the butt-jiggle to my personal taste.  With past versions of HDT and the defaultBBP.xml I was able to set it my liking by using this guide and adjusting the SpringConstant and SpringDamping numbers, but with the newer version (10-24 stable) and blabba's HDT Body Customized Bounce Kit - BETA Belly Support BETA v3.1 I'm having difficulty locating the proper values.  I've tried using JFF but have had little to no luck.  Anyone with some insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks guys.

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