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Facial Animations, SexLab and ECE

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As my list above, I am curious about the compatibility/behaviour of the above mods to each other.


In ECE you are able to give your PC a facial expression and I have to admit this feature is just awesome. Those expressions - although fixed - look better as anything else I have experienced so far.


In SexLab you are able to select certain facial expressions/animations for certain Sex acts (I guess this will be usually applied for NPCs and PC)


There is a mod out there called Female Facial Animations which adds .tri files. My guess is that this mod will just improve vanilla female facial expressions by the delivered better .tri aka head mesh files.


...but the overall behaviour of those mods to each other I do not know.


My guess would be that SexLab uses vanilla facial animations and those would be even improved when I install the .tri files from Female Facial Animations....but does my ECE PC facial expression setting override everything else, or does SexLab override it? Is it maybe dependant on load order of the ECE.esp and the SexLab.esp?

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