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Custom follower causes PC to use only one eye color

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Okay a bit of weird bug/ potential f*ckup, but in short I made my character into a custom follower, just cause I'm narcissistic however with the me on my PC looks like this:post-109492-0-39793300-1396947729_thumb.jpg


Instead of how she normally looks:post-109492-0-15762300-1396947788_thumb.jpg


so...uh where'd I go wrong?

Because when I disable the esp, lo and behold all the eye colors are back. Anyone know a potential fix?





Alright lemme rephrase this, the vampire eyes my follower has is automatically put on my character; Now you'd probably think, oh just showracemenu and change it, but no the only eye textures/colors that appear are, the vampire eyes (from the dawnguard.esp if that matters), and 10 or so of the eyes from flan's pack.


although if i remember correctly, it happened after I made a custom colorform (to change the hair color)    


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