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Creation Kit and Papyrus Help needed


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First off I have barely any experience with the CK, I know the VERY basic stuff but that's it. 

I already checked the official Wiki and maybe I just oversaw it, so please don't kill me, if I'm asking something that's already explained there. 


Packages: Is there any way to control packages with papyrus, like starting or stopping them? I know that you can check on them with the onpackageend and -start event, but don't know if there is more.


Follow Package: There is the follow package in the templates, but I can't get it to work at all, is it necessary to add the actor in the follower faction to make it work?


Travel Package: I took the travel package and basically used it as a workaround for the follow package to travel to the player, but it doesn't matter if I uncheck the "must complete" option or limit the duration to a certain amount of seconds in the schedule, it always tries to complete this package and doesn't abort it, even if it takes longer than the defined duration.


References: I made a quest to search for actors in the vicinity that meet certain criteria and it seems to work, but just for my understanding, I would like to know if those references persist and I should stop the quest from papyrus after those actors get thrown into an array, so the next time it's triggered it tries to determine new references/actors or if gets stopped anyway as long as I don't reference any functions out of the script that's attached to the quest.


That is my first batch of questions, I'm sure there will be more, but if you know a good place to read up on papyrus and/or the CK, aside from the official wiki please post a link to these sources, I'm not afraid to read up on that stuff, it's just that the usual guides are either too specific, too vague or too slow ("Now open the CK and select the Skyrim.esm file" -Picture of that - " Now click OK, a warning will appear" - Picture of the warning - and so on ; )

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