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Booty not jiggling when walking/running? Look here. (Updated 3/4/2014)


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I've decided to make this thread to help those who have the same issue as I have noticed that I am not the only person who had issues with booty jiggle when playing with the HDT and TBBP, specifically when using the CBBE body, which allow for the most flexibility and easy conversions.


The goal of this thread is to provide a none stop spot for the basics, I am not modder by any means of the word and I have no clue how to do anything mod wise in skyrim. This is only and only work from other moddedrs and me putting them into a folder to make it work out for others. This is also why it is not placed in the downloads section. This is not a new release (unless you count the body).


What I did include is my custom CBBE body that I call the Big Boobs Thick Ass.


The packages:


Basics:  This includes just the HDT settings and the skeletons. The skeletons should be kept and also the Hkx files, contrary to what you may have heard. I also have so many hdtPhysicsExtensionDefaultBBP on my PC that I've decided it be best to not include it. You can find one of those where. But this particular index is the one to download for the fix that worked for me.



My BodySince I've promised to release my body with it, I've decided to do just that. This file just includes the Preset (with hopes that modders mod for it, since I am the worst and have cliptopia in all my attempted conversion :() It also the actual file for those who are too lazy to open up Bodyslide and create ;).


My HDT Settings: This is a work in progress and is not compatible (as it has not been added) with the hair mods; sorry I have yet to play with it so did not focus on it. This Settings focus on the booty jiggle, and is a bit higher then the ones shown in previous videos I've posted in my need for help thread. The breast settings have not been upped and tbh may not be satisfactory level for most. I warn it is still a work in progress and there are many other much better settings out there, I believe so if you download beware of it not being the most perfect bounce ever.


This pretty much is everything you need for this to work out.


Here are some pictures (Note: Some pics she has a bulge; I love thick hairy pussy buldge and also TS so you can see the mini inspiration there. 


















Creadits: None of them go to me, I appreicate the likes of course but please give credit and likes to those who've actually done significant work to make this all possible.


I appreciate thanks but please thank the Creator of HDT Monsto.
Also thank xp32 for the skeleton.
Thank LeCid for the sexy TBBP animation butt bounce.
Groovtama for uploading the working skeleton that helped.
Daiemonic for organizing it in a way the perfectly resolves the no butt jiggle.
Enskyment for pointing me in the right direction.


Note: I want to learn everything (literally) about how to mod Skyrim, from scripts to armor to lands. If anyone has advice please PM me.


In closing: I hope this is useful to others, if it is me stepping out of line, please tell me and I will remove it. I do not want to jump across a river that's too long but I feel if I've helped even just one person, then I've met my goal.


Good luck,

My Set up.7z



Nude BBTA Body.7z

HDT Havok Object.esp

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The body looks quite cool (if it's the same one as in the caribbean video you showed in your earlier post), but I can't seem to find it in the presets on Bodyslide tho :o 
I tried renaming it and all but it still doesn't work. Furthermore, your body nifs are using the cbbe vanilla body I believe, which means ugly ass underwears ahaha ! I didn't miss those, they really hurt the eyes ...

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Thanks Redflyingmonkey. The body is the same in the Caribbean Video. Keep in mind though, I use Character making extender and some of the other plug ins. Because of this, I may have had some changes made to the body but the girl shown in those videos should be default settings maybe 0.84 weight?  The pressets should work now.


Also the body, well, I kind of love panties with more coverage but sadly not many mod with it. I kind of love the look of a thick ass jiggling with a pair of briefs on. Leaves more to the imagination while providing a sexy feel and a classy feel that is hard to achieve with in micro string thong thing. Though thongs and micro invisible barely there strings are not something I dislike xD. Anyway, I do understand how you feel though (I have a better texture on mine I think, since vanilla is dirty and dainty).


The body is TBBP btw, but should be compatible with all other CBBE forms as well as an option for Body Slide conversions. I hope you and anyone else who DL's it enjoys it. (The Bulgy version is not included) Personal preference.


Lastly, I've included the ESP, also from Daiemonic's thread.


--All updates found in the main post--


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