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Clothes/Armors vs Weight


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Guys, I am a little newbie with those things about mods in skyrim, so I am sorry if I make a dumb question. :D

The HDT works fine in my game, and I loved the effect. But I am having a problem with armors/clothes. I have downloaded some clothes with 'TBBP' to make the HDT work too, but in some clothes, the effect doesn't work, even if the HDT object equipped.

And the boobs of my character are a little big, but some clothes make then become small.

An example: I have the bikini on this video 

in my game, but the bikini "splits" the body of my character, lowering the butt and breasts.

What should I do to make the outfit adapt with the body?

(Bonus question: Someone knows the name of the first outfit in the video? I loved it but I can't find it.)

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One thing to do is make sure that you are using clothes fit for your body replacer. For example, don't use CBBE armor with 7Base, or ADEC clothes for UNPetite.


Hey, thank you for reply.
I am looking at it, but even armors that were made for my body replace, it isn't adapting with my body. :/
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