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CTD From opening map


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New more serious problem that actually affects play time.

So I updated a few of my mods, unofficial patches and what not. Now when I open the world map I get a CTD.


Safety load deactivated as well and that would be the culprit in the past but this time it is not.




So I have been having a strange CTD problem.

So while testing my mod set up with a clean vanilla save file I noticed my character's idle animation was not running so I assume there was another mod that overrode the idle animation. 

I then exit game.

Fixed the problem by putting my idle animation in a higher priority in MO.

Open up game again.

Loaded Clean vanilla save file



Trying multiple times or restarting my computer and trying again; usually gets around the CTD.


Is there a problem with my load order or something else?


Please tell me which logs to post that will help diagnosing this issue.





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