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[Preview] zHSFollowers Stand alone, need opinions!


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HS Followers : 2nd Generation


ZHSFollowers02 par heavensmile17, sur Flickr



HSFollowers is the second generation of the First generation with a new STAND-ALONE follower mod so :

  • You don't need any mod but SKSE
  • You don't need anything to get this mod working!

Now here are the characters you will encounter :
















You will find them all in the DRUNKEN HUNTSMAN  in Whiterun.





To install the mod manually correctly once you download it :

  • Unzip the file "Data" In C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim.
  • Click yes when asked if you are sure to replace files.
  • Be sure that the four of the mods are checked
  • Play the Game and Enjoy HSFollowers : 2nd Generation



There is nothing optional for the moment, but be sure to check the updates of the mod!Sorry, and Thank you for your patience.




Q : Karel and Ephidel looks a little older than I excepted, why?
A : I used Fine Face Textures by Urshi to do so , I didn't add it to the core file ( HSfollowers) because of the weight of the textures.
Q : Will it have a ADEC,CBBE,UNBP etc. version of this mod?
A : I am sorry but no. :/
Q : Okay... but Is it at least working with CBBE?
A : Of course : It's stand alone. :)
Q : Can I publish/Will you make a nude version of this mod?
A : I don't really encourage the nudity, so, sorry, but no. :/
Q : The armors you show on your mod are so awesome, Where can I get that? :D
A : Indeed they are awesome armors! Don't worry I'll put every other armor on the credits and recommandations! :)
Q : I got'em... but their equipments... meh, it kinda sucks, how do I change that? :c
A :  Just download ATF and it will be cool :)
Q : Where the fehk do I find them?
A : In the Whiterun's Drunken Huntman!
Q : Where the fehk are they, I lost'em!
A : No problem, if you lost them you can do that : Player.moveto "IDofHSfollower" without quotes ( IDofHSfollower = the Id of the follower)
But you don't know the ID of the NPC? Well simple enough  type help "nameofthefollower" and the id will be shown!
Q : They're not in the Drunken Huntsman !
A : So there : make sure you installed The latest version of skyrim ( and the latest version of SKSE
Q : It doesn't work! How can I contact you quickly to play this mod?
A : Don't worry, you'll just have to mail my Account! Or just posting in the post section of the mod!
Q : Cool, but can I marry one of them?
A : Yes, you of course can. :)
Q : The ENB is beautiful, what are you using?
A : I am using Somber ENB
Q : When will the optional files be realeased?
A : I am working on it right now! So it'll be soon ready, be patient meanwhile. :)
Q : Is it anime like?
A : No it's not, I just wanted followers that looked  younger that the vanilla version of skyrim, I can understand why some people are arguing with it, but I don't want to impose my mod as a reference to the immersion, or any kind of these
Q : Cheesecake?
A :  Cheesecake.






Enhanced Caracter Edit by tktk( I really recommend it BTW)
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
Natural Eyes by nevenbridge81
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
SG Female textures by Hellosanta
For each character :
Aversa :

Ephidel :

Karel :

Noahlin :

Here we are enjoy!

2014-02-20_00009 par heavensmile17, sur Flickr

Realease will be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, for now, I would need advises about the presentation and the way the NPC's look
I asked the permission to everyone that wanted the permission.
Feel free to comment!

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Guest Ragna_Rok

oh, btw, awesome avatar... i just remembered, its from that awesome old french space cartoon movie, right? the one where the aliens dance in spheres? and humans are their animals before the revolution?

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Thanks a lot both of you, I appreciate it,and about fine face textures, it's actually optional, so you don't need to download a heavy file just for followers, you're free to keep another face texture verison. :)





nicely done. seems you have an eye for details, i appreciate that.


Thanks a lot! I will realease it this day normally!



oh, btw, awesome avatar... i just remembered, its from that awesome old french space cartoon movie, right? the one where the aliens dance in spheres? and humans are their animals before the revolution?

Thanks again, and yes indeed, it is René Lalou's Fantastic planet (la Planète sauvage). :)

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