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File Name: Mix Useful Tools

File Submitter: HyperMix

File Submitted: 15 Feb 2014

File Category: Other

Requires: OBSE, Custom Spell Icons


A bunch of useful tools for player with companions.

You can get the full description of what they do at nexus here:

Here's a short description of each.

Repair and Recharge
Repairs and recharges companions stuff both equipped and unequipped.

Total Recall
Allows you to teleports one or all tagged actors to you. You can tag NPCs, creatures (Dogs, horses etc). It does not interfere with follower mods. It also has the ability for you to move to one of the companions.

Magical Wardrobe (WIP)
It's still early stage but I uploaded it because it has one useful working function. When you open a container from your inventory it allows you to equip the items in the container without leaving it. Therefore you can have a preview before choosing what items to drop.

Keys: "E" for equip and I think "U" for undress. I think this is a working esp. I got it from a backup and I am too lazy too check.

OBSE 21+
Custom Spell Icons


Click here to download this file

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