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Resetting skill books?


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Just curious if it's reasonable. It always irks me just to be trying to build my library and accidentally stumble across a cache of skill books at skill level 3 where I'm not getting a lot out of them. Now that I know about having followers pick them up instead of the player (and have installed the unread books mod, for that matter) I was just curious if there's any direct way to reset the flags on all of those to "unread" without starting a whole new save, for my own sanity's sake.


Like, I know the game has a variable for the Oghma Infinium, and I know the book variables are in there somewhere, but none of the save game editors I've found seem to deal with that at all. So how would someone approach that?


EDIT: Alright, so I found the console black magic codes to set global variables (of which I hope/assume read books is one of them) and could probably throw together a batch file to just set all books as unread...but can't find a list of global variables. Anyone have one somewhere or know where to get one?

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Yeah, I installed this one to deal with future books, which gives both a shift+pick up option to pick up without reading and an option to set pick up without reading as the default...but I'd already read 28 or so skill books by the time I got that sorted out, so eh. And it's really not that big of a deal, but I'd like to figure it out of I can.

And I'd been meaning to pick up an autoharvest mod, actually, so thanks for that. I'll be sure to put that to good use, I've missed gathering ye rosebuds.


From the looks of it though, it's not a global variable after all. From the save command in console it seems to be stored or logged as

0001B010    12/12    00000060  74 2920, Sun's Dawn, v2                    - Teaches Skill(1)         Read(1) 

But I'm not too sure what to do with that, or even if it's useful at all. I tried running ShowGlobalVars, but there were too many for the console no matter how many times I pressed page up...since I don't really know how to dump that I just started a new game with a skill book to try to find it there. All the global variables fit into the console that time, but I didn't see any that seemed to pertain to the book being read (Though I did find some interesting ones like "idletrollchance"...chance of a troll ambushing you if you go idle?)

So it doesn't look like it's a global variable, and it probably would've been overkill if they'd handled that in papyrus, so...not really sure where to look at this point. I guess just ways to dissect a .ess file and actually get to the data instead of just getting what I assume is a log from the save command?


EDIT: After splitting my head over trying to figure out how the byte structure of an item translates into the byte structure of a save file, I finally managed to find a mod with the unintended but in this case very useful property of restoring the function of already-read skill books, to a degree.

In hindsight, I can probably run something like cheat engine alongside skyrim to find the variable that changes when I learn a book and trace it backwards from there into a byte structure that the game would actually use (Or even the actual variable name), or keep banging my head against the wall trying to find the variable name listed online or in the game somewhere. But I guess this mod's good enough for now.

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