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k im sure u guyz know how to change the size of your equipable schlong by going thru your skeleton_female if not im gonna explaine. after I explain im gonna explain how to equip your shlong while wearing any armor its very easy



           k to make you sos equip shlong bigger then that mini me they give u go to your skyrim/data/mesh/actors/character/character assets female  folder then select skeleton_female (mind you guyz u gotta have the nifskope program to do this ITS FREE. GOOGLE IT THEN DOWNLOAD IT. its a zip so if u don't have win zip or 7zip just google winzip and download free trial its easy ) now whn you click on skeleton_female the nifskope program will come up automatically now all u have to do is look in ur BLOCK LIST. if u cant find it just look in ur view option and make sure your block list is checked. k now all u have to do is look inside your block list and scroll down till you see NPC GENITALS01 [GEN01] now whn u see that click on it then scroll down slow and look for the word SCALE  and to the right of that word you will see a number 1.0000 ( and that's just a default number for your schlong ) now time to make it bigger just DOUBLE click on the number and raise it up. I use 2.3000(villain size futa schlong in doujins) you can see the change of it in the skeleton  lol itll have a big stick sticking up lol that's ur schlong guyz mess with the numbers to size u want it lol itll look like this ill post a pic


            k once u got your schlong size all u have to do is right under NPC GENITALS01 [GEN01]  youll see GENITALSLAG02  click on that then scroll down to scale double click on the number 1.0000 and change it to 1.5000 what that do is bring your schlong down so itll hange from out your armor and tada no need to find a mod with amor that have a schlong opening cuz now u can have it out with anything u where let me know if u run into any problems I don't know how else to explain it to you lol u might wanna just stop playing lol




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