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Any sexy female walking animations for NV?


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lack of animators.. nuff said.


Converting them is an option, but if bake constrained is used, and the animation is big, then you will have a very bad day.. it will take less time creating them from scratch.


Also new vegas is lacking, what oblivion can, so if you create female walk, all female npc will walk the same, no way to make it in dependable at the moment.

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This is a shame. I was just looking for a Sexy Walk replacer for NV myself.


I wonder if cleaver NVSE coding could solve the issue with the walk being applied to all females.


Truely a shame.


You can already do this by simply replacing the kf file. The problem, if you can call it that, is all females will walk the same.


Personally, I find the NV female walk quite sexy. Not overdone like some of the Oblivion walks and has a cute daintiness about it.


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