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Best mesh maker?


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I used to have Blender on my machine a while ago, and whilst it caused me massive headaches it was still useable.


Is it worth downloading again? Or are there better programs out there that I can use?



The "best" mesh maker is the one you know how to use well. I hear 3d studio max is easier for beginners to learn but with enough practice blender should suit your needs just fine.


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To be honest, I've tried Blender, Maya and Studio Max at uni and Maya is probably the easiest to just pick up and go with. Blender is pretty difficult if you don't know what you're doing as it is very very powerful and easy to make mistakes. So if you are modelling bodies as I am, having some reference images and a good knowledge of how anatomy works goes a long way.


That said, I suggest you start out simple such as designing a simple stick figure and read every single tutorial out there. Once done, then start learning how to build bodies.

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