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How do you edit pose animations? (.kf files)


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Hey guys i stumbled upon this pic:




which led me to the "nudeshy" mod. (Which is awesome btw)


But i noticed that the guy who made that pic must of edited the original nudeshy mod to fit that body he uses.


I want to know how he did it so i can do the same.


Does anyone know how?:huh::huh:


I already have Blender and Nifskope (but i can't open .kf files for some reason in blender)


so any pointers would be great thanks!:):)


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yeah that and unless you know exactly what your doing once you have it a good tutorial or two to reference. There should be one posted here on these forums, geechan also wrote an excellent tutorial on this that goes a bit a further and explains to create obj poses as well. Sending him a pm should get you a link. I dont happen to have it any more


additionally you can look up echo's tutorials I remember that one or two of those demonstrate how to create animations

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You need the NifTools Importer/Exporter:-



thanks but' date='


I got a blender error saying that


direct .kf import is not supported :(



Are you trying to import a animation kf files directly ?? this will not work. You can only import nif files or skeleton.nif and attach a kf file to it.


like import skeleton and use Import animation.

behind Keyframefile is an option like ... click on it this is where you select the kf / animation file.


then you can click ok to import.



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