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Bleak Falls barrow bug...


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I started my new save some 2 days ago with some new mods. 


I installed the game again and installed new mods and some old ones I used, mainly the ones I was using before and at the time game worked just fine. The problem appeared in the Bleak Falls Barrow, I always go to this dungeon before I go to Whiterun to get the quest for the Dragonstone, that way I don't have to go back but that is not important I did that many times already and had no problems. The problem is that when I get the claw and get to the door where you need to insert it and activate it, nothing happens. The Bear, Owl and Moth are aligned properly and there is no problem with activating them but the claw thing wont work.


So I thought my load order was bad or that there were some mod conflicts with the new mods I had installed, but that is unlikely because I know what I'm doing and BOSS shows no errors at all.


So please look at my mods list and tell me if you know which mod might create a problem.


This is my mods list:





Thank you! 


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