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Joy of perspective/360 camera/bodyslider 2 (w/bbe) working togeather?


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I cant seem to get joy of perspective nor 360 camera working...  Tried looking through forums for a solution, but other people seemed to at least have it working SOMEWHAT. Mine doesn't work at all, acts like it isn't even installed. Yes I edited the ini file, but i think that only changes the angle of the camera and other things. I also have dance of death disabled... I know its something stupid I'm missing, like boot order or an incompatible mod, or something. Any ideas?


Its also not on the list, but I have bodyslide 2 working in the background with bbp enabled if that makes any difference

ive tried with and without the extra female compatable skeleton... dont really understand how skeletons work/stack with other things, or if that second one thats made to work with cbbe is needed, but it didnt make any difference.



And I'm not sure, but it seems like a lot of these don't appear on the "boot order" list on the left, even when activated. 


yes, my game is a retail version.


fyi I couldnt get 360 camera working even before I added a ton of other mods, and though I havnt tried, I have a feeling joy of perspective wouldnt work on its own either.


if nobody has any ideas, I'm willing to unistall everything (even though reinstalling that list for some reason takes an ungodly amount of time on my fast computer) and try again with JUST hoy/360/bodyslider.  However, if I did this, what are all the mods I would need to get these working, and what would be all their boot orders/ steps? I am moderatly talented at installing mods, Ive gotten almost everything else working, even the ones with complex steps. But these are giving me huge issues...




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