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Blackened left eye behind the hair fringe/bangs? An oddity.


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Not quite sure what causes this oddity, but I know it's a problem with the hair and not the hairline after playing around with hair# and it's good accomplice hair#mirror files in the Meshes. 

I can't really explain it well, so I figure it's better to show you.


(left to right)

Screenshots number 1 & 2 show the blackened eye. The hair fringe seems more transparent on 3 & 4 as you can actually see the eyes to some extent. In this case 3 & 4 is an older version of the mod pack I use, hence it looks a bit more crude than 1 & 2. 


Has anyone stumbled into something like this before? It's not really that noticeable when you play, but when you spend an extensive amount of time playing around in the RaceMenu it just get's more and more noticeable. 




In order from left to right: 1, 2, 3 & 4.  



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