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how to change a mod?


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I have a couple Japanese/German mods where the items have gibberish for names. How would I go about editing the files to have english names? I hope this is the right section for this.


Well for the most part you'll need the construction set for that, as you'll have to open the mod's ".esp" and change the names to English.


You'll also need something like a translator to find out what was actually written originally in Japanese in the mod. Things like scripts you'll have to be a bit more careful with when translating, if you are planning on doing the scripts as well.


Armors and so on is for the most part straight forward. Though you could do what I usually do with armor. Translate the armor's name and then add something like "Greaves" or "Cuirass" or whatever slot it changes.


Some modders do actually add the Editor ID in English and the actual in-game name is in Japanese or Russian or whatever. So maybe you can use the editor ID as a starting point if the Editor ID is in English.


Other than that it is pretty straight forward.

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