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Lightsabers WIP

Lord Haun

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Hey folks, my first post but have been checking the forums for a few months now. Figured I'd post some pics of a lightsaber mod I'm currently working on. I'm considering on calling it "Magicka Sabers" to be more lore friendly. With the idea that you channel your magicka through the hilt's crystal.


I plan on adding Jedi hilts eventually, but so far I just have the magicka hilt made so far. Still have to make a really good texture for it too since I just whipped up some AlienSkin filter ones for my inital testing.







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Wow, that's a nice concept, the whole Magicka Sabers thing!

If you're accepting suggestions, allow me to suggest you make one for each element(i.e. shock, fire, and ice). :)


Also, to go along with this, is there any way you can have these weapons effected by the perks in the Destruction tree that increase damage?


All that aside, really great work man. I'll be downloading this for sure when it's finished! :D

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Wow I really like what you've done so far. The ideas going around seem very awesome as well. Do you plan to make any variations like, staff, double saber or a 2 hander? Beyond all that I think everything else is pretty much covered lol. Again beautiful job!

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Well I plan on doing a 2 handed version for sure. As for a double balded I'm not so sure of because of the animations. One idea I would like script for it is that when the weapon is drawn it slowly drains your magicka and takes more when you hurt someone with it. I think that will help balance it with being such a powerful weapon.

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oh yeah just like in Oblivion :D i love to walk around with a light saber back then lol.


i have a question. what damage values will you be putting on these? the oblivion ones were pretty overpowered as hell. one shotting people is fun but not for a long period of time :P

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lol, it's a mod

I did use Lsaber for my 2last (long, looooooooong) run of Oblivion, no matter the base dmg, enchantment : you can change it later on with the Construction Set to fit your game :P

My last LS was smthing like : 5dmg+ 25fire dmg +3 AgilEnd dmg (to simulate the hit of a LS)

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Would be funny if you could deflect magic by blocking with these, would be able to reenact a certain scene from Star wars episode 3 if a black mage were to dual cast lightning on my bald, robe wearing redguard. Of course a purple variant of the mod would be needed as well lol.

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I using red saber (46 shock and 46 frost damage) in the right hand and lightning bolt - in the left, wearing expert robes of destruction and increased jump height to 300. Ultimate powa! :D Also would be great to be able to block with onehanded weapon in both hands.


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These look great in-game.


Using these along with -Elys- Uncapper. Refined them to Legendary and put enchantments on them (different one for different colors) and now have sabers that damage like sabers and not normal swords. (1831 base damage + 5000 something enchantment damage).


Throw in lightning spells and Unrelenting Force and it's practically a full on SW weapon loadout.

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