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Controller and hotkeys


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Been to long since I have played Skyrim... Anyways just got a controller for my Computer since my desk space is limited and using a mouse was getting to be to much of a hassle. Now I have been playing around with it for a bit and love the controller over the mouse but I hate that I have next to NO hotkeys to use. I have tried a mod I saw on nexus that says it allows the use of a keyboard and controller together and it does but I can't assign any hotkeys to keyboard controls for mods like SexLabs Defeat. Do I have any options for this or am I stuck with the pain in the ass work around of just having multiple controls assigned to the same button? It works for now because I don't have too many of them set and I have them assigned to the bumpers and D-pad but since I can easily use my keyboard and controller at the same time...

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