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What Do You Think About The Abomination's Face?  

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  1. 1. What Do You Think About The Abomination's Face?

    • Sexay.
    • Beautiful.
    • Its good.
    • Get to da choppa !
    • She has a guy look :/ .
    • Its HIDEOUS!
    • Eww.

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Please Read The Whole Thread


The Face That I Want To Create. (The Girl. NOT THE GUY.)





The Abomination That I Created.









Click On Pic To Enlarge.




All These That I Ask For Is Concerning To The Girl In The Links


Please give me some tips or suggestions on improving the face.

That would be great :).

I want to make the abomination's face look as identical as the girl in the links.

And also,

I know that i'm using a different hair,

And so,

What hair is she using? Could you give me the link to download her hair for oblivion?

Is there any facemods in it? Or any other face creation mod related to MBP?

Do i actually need to use other mods to create her face?

If so, give me links to the mods.

And lastly,

Are those images actually PHOTOSHOP-ED?

And If possible, could anyone provide a save file for her face? (That would be GREAT. It safes a helluva time.)




1. The abomination's race is moon shadow elve.

2. This is the first ever face that i created in oblivion.

3. I know i'm a really terrible face creator, but i'm willing to learn. X_X

4. The only mods that i used is from here . Don't worry, i followed all the instructions from it. Oblivion worked properly as it should be.

5. Sorry if i didn't showed the abomination's (o)(o)ies. They aren't as big as the ones you see in this forum.

6. I know there's a big difference in the skin, but i want to complete the face first. Worry about the skin later.

7. Yes. The girl's face is created from OBLIVION. (girl from the links)

8. I know that there are better faces out there. But her face was the first i fell in love with ever since i joined this forum and started Oblivion. Ever been in love? Do you believe in love at first sight? she's a FREAKING INSPIRATION.

9. I know its pretty long,stupid,boring and random for a "help" thread.



Thanks ALOT in advance.

And thank you for your time.

Please Poll Before You Leave


P.S. I only started oblivion a few days ago. Gonna need loads of guides,tips,hints,whatever you name it, in creating awesome faces.

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The head mesh should be Ren's one, then using the sliders on FaceGen becomes a little different. I created many faces, and I say: begin with nose and mouth (front first, then side), then edit eyes and forehead, jaw and chin. Lastly, edit the face shape, pay attention to the "Heavy" or "Light" slider.

Nose (especially nose sellion) and jaw are important when creating a female char.

One last thing: once you see a good result, but still need some changes, use the sliders arrows; using the cursor can suddenly change parts of the face, and so you have to start again...

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