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Frozen Faces Bug


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Yes, it's me. Again. Sorry. But I haven't been able to find any information about this bug anywhere.


Facial animations. Some NPC's simply don't have them. At all. It seems random. Vanilla npc's, modded npc's. Some of them just have frozen faces. Lips don't move, their faces don't shift during speechcraft. Just. Blank. Voices play fine, subtitles show fine, just. Frozen faces for some NPC's.


Aside from speechcraft its not a big deal, if a bit offputting. Unfortunately I make a lot of speechcraft characters, and while I can just spend a round staring at the numbers to gauge effects, its getting in the way quite a bit.


So far it seems to be a small margin, but I've only talked to npc's around IC. The light armor guy from the best defense, and the shady guy who tries to blackmail you for a raid you didn't do who I assumed was from a mod are the first ones I ran into. Perhaps a couple others who might have slipped my mind


While futzing around disabling and moving around mods, I noticed something interesting. With xeo disabled, the Emperor had this problem. When Xeo was on and he had his shiny 30 year old face, his lips moved fine.


The odd thing is, the light armor guy from best defense has his xeo face too I think, but his doesn't move.


Honestly, I'm kinda stumped. I thought it would be xeo if anything, but apparently its partially fixing the problem. The only other mod I can think of which might change faces around is MBP++ which should be working fine and xeosp++ should be perfectly compatible right?


Can I find where a specific NPC draws face animations from in the CS? If so I can find one of the broken NPC's and find out which files its trying to use that aren't working. Any information would be greatly appreciated. My apologies again if this is just some simple thing I screwed up myself.


Active Mod Files:

00  Oblivion.esm
01  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm
02  x117race.esm
03  Cobl Main.esm  [Version 1.72]
04  Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm  [Version 5.0]
05  Francesco's Optional New Items Add-On.esm  [Version 5.0]
06  Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm  [Version 1.35Beta]
07  Mart's Monster Mod.esm  [Version 3.8b1]
08  FCOM_Convergence.esm  [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]
09  Armamentarium.esm  [Version 1.35]
0A  Artifacts.esm  [Version 1.1]
0B  Lovers with PK.esm
0C  TamagoClub.esm
0D  HiyokoClub.esm
0E  LoversCreature.esm
0F  Chanpon.esm
10  RealisticLeveling.esm
11  Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp  [Version 3.2.0]
12  DLCShiveringIsles.esp
13  Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp  [Version 1.5.2]
++  USIPS Additional Changes.esp
14  Francesco's Creatures and Items Resources.esp  [Version 5.0]
15  Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Bosses.esp  [Version 5.0]
16  Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Enemies.esp  [Version 5.0]
17  Francesco's Optional Chance of More Enemies.esp  [Version 5.0]
18  Francesco's Optional Leveled Guards.esp  [Version 5.0]
++  FCOM_Francescos.esp  [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]
++  FCOM_FrancescosItemsAddOn.esp  [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]
19  FCOM_FrancescosNamedBosses.esp  [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]
1A  Enhanced Economy.esp  [Version 5.4.3]
1B  DLCHorseArmor.esp
1C  DLCHorseArmor - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.8]
1D  DLCOrrery.esp
1E  DLCOrrery - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.5]
1F  DLCVileLair.esp
20  DLCVileLair - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.9]
21  DLCMehrunesRazor.esp
22  DLCMehrunesRazor - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.6]
23  DLCSpellTomes.esp
++  DLCSpellTomes - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.1]
++  MaleBodyReplacerV5.esp
24  DLCThievesDen.esp
25  DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.11]
26  DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch - SSSB.esp  [Version 1.0.11]
27  Bob's Armory Oblivion.esp
28  FCOM_BobsArmory.esp  [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]
29  Oblivion WarCry EV.esp  [Version 1.09]
2A  FCOM_WarCry.esp  [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]
2B  C&C - The Blackwood Company.esp
2C  Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp  [Version 1.35Beta]
2D  OMOBS_SI.esp  [Version 2.0]
2E  ArmamentariumArtifacts.esp  [Version 1.35]
2F  Mart's Monster Mod - Additional Enemy NPC Vars.esp  [Version 3.8b1]
30  FCOM_Convergence.esp  [Version 0.9.9Mb8b1]
31  FCOM_RealSwords.esp  [Version 0.9.9MB8]
++  FCOM_SpawnRatesSlightlyReduced.esp  [Version 0.9.9MB3]
++  FCOM_SaferRoads.esp  [Version 0.9.9]
++  FCOM_LessRats.esp  [Version 0.9.9]
++  Mart's Monster Mod - No Swarms.esp  [Version 3.8b1]
++  FCOM_LessReaversInGates.esp  [Version 0.9.9]
32  Mart's Monster Mod - No Carrion Rats.esp  [Version 3.8b1]
++  Mart's Monster Mod - Less Reavers.esp  [Version 3.8b1]
33  Mart's Monster Mod - Dungeons of MMM.esp  [Version 3.8b1]
34  Mart's Monster Mod - Hunting & Crafting.esp  [Version 3.7b7]
35  Mart's Monster Mod - Farm Animals.esp  [Version 3.8b1]
++  MMM4OOO&FCOM- Slofs Horse & DLC Armor.esp
++  Mart's Monster Mod - Shivering Isles.esp  [Version 3.8b1]
++  ArmamentariumLL4OOO.esp  [Version 2.01]
++  ArmamentariumLLMagicOOO.esp  [Version 1.35]
36  KDCircletsOOOOptimized - Loot Only.esp  [Version 1.2]
37  Artifacts.esp  [Version 1.1]
++  Artifacts - ArmaCompleteAddon.esp  [Version 1.0]
38  DLCBattlehornCastle.esp
39  DLCBattlehornCastle - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.8]
3A  DLCFrostcrag.esp
3B  DLCFrostcrag - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.8]
3C  Knights.esp
3D  Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.1.3]
++  Mart's Monster Mod - Knights.esp  [Version 3.8b1]
++  Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul - Knights of Nine.esp
3E  Mart's Monster Mod - City Defences.esp  [Version 3.8b1]
++  FCOM_Knights.esp  [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]
3F  Harvest [Flora].esp  [Version 3.0.0]
++  Harvest [Flora] - Shivering Isles.esp  [Version 3.0.0]
++  Harvest [Flora] - DLCVileLair.esp  [Version 3.0.0]
40  Harvest [Flora] - DLCFrostcrag.esp  [Version 3.0.0]
41  VipCxj_HighHeels.esp
42  RFHighHeels HGEC Vipcxj.esp
43  EVE_StockEquipmentReplacer4FCOM.esp
44  1SB_LethalMajestyOutfit.esp
++  ScriptIcon_Replacer.esp
++  EnchantmentRestore_Wells.esp
45  EnchantmentRestore.esp
46  Active_Inventory_Spell_1.2.esp
47  C&C - The Blackwood Company - OOO.esp
48  DKImperials.esp
49  Blademan's Better Birthsigns.esp
4A  StolenItemOwnership.esp
4B  kuerteeCrimeHasWitnesses.esp
4C  ShadderHeelsSeasonOne.esp
4D  TamagoPlayerHUDkil.esp
4E  TamagoBreak.esp
4F  TamagoNews.esp
50  LoversTamagoClub.esp
51  LoversHiyokoShooter.esp
52  LoversEncounter.esp
53  HiyokoGenerator.esp
54  TamagoSetBody.esp
55  LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp
56  LoversVoiceSSPplus.esp
57  LoversRaperS.esp
58  LoversJoburg.esp
59  LoversBed.esp
5A  Lovers with PK.esp  [Version 96v4a]
5B  LoversBitch.esp
5C  LoversCreature.esp
5D  LoversEscapeRapeVPlayer.esp
5E  LoversRapeSlave.esp
5F  LoversAdultYield.esp
60  LoversMagic.esp
61  LoversSlaveTrader.esp
62  LSTBravilUnderground.esp
63  PlayerSlaveEncounters_V0.69.esp
64  LoversPayBandit.esp
65  PSE-PayBandit-Patch.esp
66  LoversStripper.esp
67  LoversCalm.esp
68  LoversLight.esp
69  LoversBackup2.esp
6A  TamagoDischarge.esp
6B  LoversHooker.esp  [Version 2.2]
6C  LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP_HookerPatch.esp
6D  SetBody.esp
6E  AutoSetBody.esp
6F  Unholy Darkness.esp
70  RMDailyIncomeV2.esp
71  DiabloEF 6 in 1.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp
72  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Sheogorath Eye.esp
73  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed ENG Dialog.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed ENG Race.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged RoseSims Hair Modules.esp
++  x117 Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed CustomRace.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Chocolate Elves.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Cute Elves.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Nec Mystic High Elf Remake.esp
74  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.esp
75  x117race.esp
++  x117Race ENG Race.esp
76  Lop-ears Elf_mini.esp
77  From2ch Lives.esp
78  F2LHideRaces.esp
79  Cobl Glue.esp  [Version 1.72]
7A  Cobl Si.esp  [Version 1.63]
7B  Salmo the Baker, Cobl.esp  [Version 3.08]
7C  Cobl Silent Equip Misc.esp  [Version 01]
7D  OOO 1.32-Cobl.esp  [Version 1.72]
++  MMM-Cobl.esp  [Version 1.69]
++  EVE_KhajiitFix.esp
7E  EVE_KnightsoftheNine.esp
7F  EVE_ShiveringIslesEasterEggs.esp
80  Armamentium female.esp
81  Fransfemale.esp
82  ArtifactsFemaleArmor.esp
83  Vanilla Maternity Clothes.esp
84  HUD Status Bars.esp  [Version 5.3.2]
85  Basic Primary Needs.esp  [Version 6.2.1]
86  Plate Armor Plus - OOO_FCOM_version.esp
87  xeosp++.esp
88  LoversSituations.esp
89  Bashed Patch, 0.esp
8A  PersonalAnimations.esp
8B  LoversMB2.esp
8C  LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
8D  LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp



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