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Weird perma invisibility bug ?


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So, I get out of my lake house, there is a hostile fire elemental outside, and as soon I kill this weird electrical effect activates on me and I turn invisible.. Even if i use ethereal shout and fast travel it doesn't seem to go away. At first I thought it might be some weird adaptive resistance spell effect, but I loaded an earlier save, turned it off, and I still got the same results. Even if I don't engage the elemental and let others kill it, same thing happens to me.


Any clues as to what's happening or how to fix it ?


edit: I disabled the elemental via console, since the problem seemed linked to it, and i got a fire trail under my feet as soon as I exited the house.. seemed to do the trick, but I would still be interested in finding out what the bug was, or other ways to solve it.

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