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New Bodyslide issue; game breaking for female player

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I was real happy with my body slide setting.

it works great in clothes, nude, and in animations.

Everything was running like it was supposed to.

but then I wanted to step out and downloaded an extra voluptous bodyslide.

Batch built my clothes set with morphs.


Everything worked fine.

But after a few days I decided this super voluptous set was not me.


So  when a few days later I decided to revert and did it all again for my previous slide settings the wheels came off even though I did nothing different.


The clothes built fine but the body under it did not.

it look like a multi month starvation victim.


Some slides to show first wearing my old body again and also what the nude set looks like. and how wearing stockings seems to "fix" it, IF I wear nothing else.






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PS: I uninstalled/ reinstalled bodyslide,

restarted computer.

No luck.


I understand bodyslide is supposed to have a tab like shown here (next to arrow. I screenshotted this of  ay oubtube tutorial and I DO recall seeing this when I used body sldie for first time last fall.)

That that just says CBBE body.

Which makes sense to me.

That would build your nude body, right.

But I dont have it.

I had this problem months ago and had to wear a certain type of heels where everything worked and somehow was able to set it that I never strip it off even during animations.

(kinda forgot to do that)

And then a hundred horus of game play later i took that show/stocking off and it seemingyl had all fixed itself.

When I installed the voluptous set despite having no nude build option it all worked fine. clothes and body.

but now unless I wear specific stocking my body is ultra starvation skinny under my voloutpous clothes.


That tab option is missing from my file and has been for many months.



Screenshot 2023-03-17 134903.jpg

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I also do not have these tabs showing up, CBBE bodies and Vanilla outfits.

1st pic shows screenshotted from a turorial.

2nd pic you can see my extra clothes packs ( even though some installed ones always seem to be missing, like Lazman and VTAW 6,

I LOVED the Lazman clothes because it includes ragged out and shorted version of many vanilla dresses  (ragged out is obvious but shorter dresses also allow you to run better, so seveal Lazman outfits made the most  sense for wastelanding than anytyhing else.

The files are still in my FO4 data folders but Bodylside simply refuses to recognize them and present them for building even after reinstalls of the clothes packs.


but I make do with the ones I have since they are so good , mostly sky and VTAW 😎

What you dont see on pic 2 is CBBE bodies.



screen shot is taken after an uninstall/reinstall of bodyslide followed by computer restart.


So when folks tell me to check the tutorials it doenst help me since the tabs the tutorials say to use do not exist in my menus, despite a reinstall.


Screenshot 2023-03-17 135652.jpg


This is what my menu looks like.

Again the Outfit/Body drop down has no option for Nude or CBBE body

Screenshot 2023-03-17 140144.jpg

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The good news, such as it is ASA clothes suddently started working for me a couple weeks ago.

This was one of the factors that had kept me away form Nukaworld porn studio since i looked like a starvation victim when I tried first as this issue back then was attached to ASA for me.


PS: I tried running Bodylslide both throught the Vortex dashbaord and through a shortcut attached to the file in my FO4 data folder.

Everythinf is exactly the same.

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I looked again in my tools in FO4 and noticed the Bodyslide program was still dated Aug 2022!

So when I deleted for reinstall via Vortex, it did not take them out at all!

Even though I not just toggled uninstall but "remove" after the unisntall.

So now I will do a new reinstall of Body slide.

Wish me luck :)

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THis reminds me of the moment that started all my problems with missing clothes packs that cant be reinstalled back last fall.


Does this mean I should uninstall all my bodyslide related folders prior to this isnall.

I had no idea what saying "yes" will mean...

Will I forever associated these files with the vanilla presets (or something on zero sliders)  then?


Thats what I think may have happend to my Lazman files many months ago, becaue I built them via the direct shortcut and not via Vortex and it caused all sorts of problems.


I will push "cancel" and wait with the reinstall either until I get guidance on here or decide to delete all my clothing and bodyslide mods.

They  easy to redownload and i dont mind but Idont want to risk creating any bad + permanent Associations between files


Screenshot 2023-03-17 144139.jpg

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so on unistall I keep getting these error messages.

I want to delete all of bodyslide and start from Scratch and delete all Resources files too.

I dont mind donwlaoding everything again.

The .exe is date august last year so my reinstalls clearly did not "take".


I want my BS to reset to show the same dropdowns as in the online tutorials

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After 3 hours of rebuilding morphs, uninstalling, reinstalling, computer restarted, somehow my bodyslide re associated itself to the nude body.

I never did get my BS tabs back as I never completed the complete uninstall due to all the warnings when I tried to unistall and remove the bodyslide files


I think i will leave this figure the same for a long time.

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