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Help with editing leveled lists when Dragonborn is involved


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So I've been wanting to edit Skyrim's leveled lists so a number of my mods' armors can randomly show up worn by adventurers and bandits and the like, to give them some more visibility in my games, and to give enemies like bandits some much-needed equipment upgrades once their gear plateaus at scaled horn and steel plate armor. To my understanding, I can make changes to the lists in several mods, and then Wrye Bash them together to merge the leveled list changes.


But then I remembered that heavy armor bandits add Nordic Carved Armor to their leveled lists with the addition of Dragonborn, and looking at the leveled lists in the DB esm, I can't find any instance where the Nordic Carved Armor is added to the normal bandit lists. So how should I go about making changes to the lists, to make sure enemies can make use of my mod armors while continuing to occasionally use the Nordic Carved Armor? Can I just go ahead and stick them into the leveled lists as normal and have them continue to work?

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I think there is a sub-group or something for "boss" level bandits that have a different list, and it's usually them that ends up with things like nordic-carved.

I've never really tinkered with that so I can't say 100% for sure.


It might be worth your while to have a look at "Organized Bandits" and see what they did to their lists:



Edit: as an after thought, have you tried right clicking nordic carved in the armor section, and opening up "use info"?  I think it should also tell you there what lists the armor set is in.

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I was checking the lists for both normal bandits and boss bandits. The only lists the Nordic Carved Armor showed up in were the ones for bandits on Solstheim, like Reavers and whatnot. Use Info also only seems to report the loot item lists that the armor appears in, and not the character item leveled lists, because I didn't see the Reaver lists in there.


I suppose I can go ahead with my leveled list changes and, if I ended up borking something, I could always just add back the missing armor manually.

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