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getting wierd lines when using a enb


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hi people. i need help with this problem i'm having. it seems that when i'm using a certain enb, and i have it on while playing skyrim, i keep seeing these wierd lines over my character's body. when i toggle it off, they disappear completely. i don't know what could be causing it. right now, i'm currently using Climates of Tamriel with dragonborn patch. Also using supreme storms with cot patch, as well as enhanced lights and fx mod. i'm not sure if its the enb, or one of the mods itself. can anyone help me with this.  here's a pic for illustration 






this also happens in skyrim area as well as in solsteim. 

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Not too tech savvy, but have you tried removing your specular map to see if that may be the issue instead of your ENB?


I mean the specular map for your character. Most bodies come with a specular map to give your character a shine. There is also mods that add a specular map like Sporty Sexy Sweat or Fair Skin Complexion Sweat and such mods.


It might just be a case of a bad specular map on your character. Just thinking, cause if it was an ENB issue, you'd be seeing it everywhere, and not just on your character only.

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I think this has to do with a filterquality setting in your enbseries.ini. I had a similar experience show up on buildings a long time ago, seems to do with what quality you use for both shadows and world lighting and how they mix.


If you don't mind posting a copy of your enb ini file, I can take a look and offer a suggestion. 


*edit- Also what is your fps with the enb on. The change we make will affect it so if you're already taxed you may just want to find another enb entirely.

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