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Extra "fat" around upper thighs and butt

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Hey guys,


I had always used my custom body shape, and never noticed this until a couple of days ago when I started trying some other body presets I downloaded from nexus.  The body in the pic is CBBE Vanilla.  Does anyone know what's going on with the area in the red circles?  It seems that part is always wider than the presets no matter which one I try.


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2 hours ago, slight_of_mind said:

Less likely culprits; CBBE base mesh edited/replaced, bodyslide sliders were edited/replaced.

Possible culprits; skeleton was edited/replaced, walk/run/idle animations edited/replaced, CBP (thigh?) settings, weight triangle slider.


If it looks fine in bodyslide but wider in game, I'd lean toward maybe CBP, animation replacers or weight triangle.

Yeah I also thought it was the skeleton or animation. I removed custom skeleton, animations and CBP.  My weight triangle is always in the dead centre (i use json preset to make sure its right in the centre). That part still looked the same.  It not only looks different than that in bodyslide which is sort of expected sometimes i guess, but also different than others screenshots. Every preset i tried from nexus ends up being more or less like this, just to varying degrees because of the original size of that body part in the presets.

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