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Graphic Card bottle-necked at memory clock?


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After some observing through Nvidia Inspector,

I found that my graphic card would not work on top GPU clock&shader clock (probably just a double of gpu clock),

but memory clock always hit its max value.


Information: GT630M 96 unified shaders 2G DDR3

Default: gpu/mem/shader clock = 475/  900/950

Modified to :                             950/ 1080/1900

Skyrim usage:                            797/ 1080/(double of 797)


So here are my questions:


1. Is it normal for a card to hit its memory clock limit before something else?


2. Is DDR3's vram speed the reason for this?


3. If I ignore this fact, will it become my bottleneck on fps forever?


4. What should I beware of when adding new textures/changing pref settings (i.e. how should I react to this clock usage report?)


5. Is there any tools that may help ease the pressure on memory clock (setting unrelated improvement), e.g. does attk affect things like this?


Extra info: CPU = i73610QM, all unparked, threaded ini using 6 cores most of the time (but the load on CPU is quite low on graph....)


Thanks for your attention :)

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Acutally I cannot touch the gpu clock slider.....

Its shown as 950 when I change the shader clock to 1900.



So....Actually the core clock is already at near max (797~=800)?

Now this sounds more realistic, since I later observed that the load percentage is core ~83% / MCU ~23%.

797/950 = ~83%, reasonable.


Anyway, it seems my card is busy in gaming,

I now letting cpu to pre-load 1~8 frames can improve the performance,

but is there other measures that relies on giving more jobs on CPU?

Comparing to my poor gpu, my CPU is simply to under-loaded. And we're talking about skyrim...CPU heavy game lol

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