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Hello LL,


So I installed SD a while ago, and I have all required mods, and SKSE, Skyrim, and MCM are all up to date, but I have a problem, or a bug as it seems. I decided to do the Flowering Spriggan quest, but the problem was that I couldn't find any Spriggans, so I decided to spawn one via console commands. I let it drop my health to zero, and surrendered, the Spriggan turned to a Flowering Spriggan, and then nothing happens. I don't get raped or anything by the Spriggan, and I don't get the Spriggan Host. I decided to wait and still nothing happened. I don't get crashes or anything, so it's not mod load order or something technical like that. I've looked around the forums, and I can't seem to find anybody or any post with my problem, so if anybody has the same problem or has a fix to it, would you mind sharing it with me?


P.S. Sorry for such a lengthy post.


P.P.S. Sorry if I don't have any screenshots of my mod load order, I am using mobile, but I'm pretty sure my mod load order is correct.

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