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About magic effect overlays

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Greetings, I am making this post because this has been unclear to me for a long time and I am not finding any enlightenment on this anywhere.


Can texture overlays caused by magic effects overlap with each other? I have various mods which add these types of overlays, like Dirt & Blood, Sexlab and Immersive Diseases and they never seem to work well. The blood textures disappear, the cum overwrites the other textures or the disease textures overwrite everything. Sometimes there is also just no texture, despite my character having the bloody magic effect. and no other active overlay. Is this the expected behaviour with this mods or am I doing something wrong?


Also, if this is not a bug but intended, are there mods/is it possible to convert this effects to racemenu overlays so they can stack with each other?

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I feel like this belongs in the adult section since it partially pertains to cum layers, either way there is a mod for LE Skyrim to fix the cum problem at least, it works with stuff like dirt from bathing in skyrim, tattos, wet fuction redux all at the same time and with tweaked bathing in skyrim from the same author you get to wash off the cum along with other filth https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/14676-sexlab-cum-overlays/

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