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Skyrim ENB new 0198 binaries


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With the 198 binaries all of the settings mods that I add the image is bright, too bright to see, and some meshes are missing in some frames. I use the NVIDIA enblocal file with enboost mod on Nexus and everything works great but the graphical interface is disabled. This is true on both the wrapper and injector versions. The stability, colors, frame rate, and visuals are fantastic and the difference is night and day. I just dont have the graphical interface. Is there a manual command to get statistical info or a way to bring the graphical interface back.


Playing for 2 days now and no ctd. ENB is just amazing

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I am using Vividian now but have tried several most I tried were for 0197 or higher. You can no longer get the 0197 binaries. All of the top settings mods have not been upadted for the new binaries. Vividian works great and i am very happy with it. It works great with COT and ROL. Nice thing is there are places I use to CTD I just walk through them, flip off Steam and keep playing. I just want a way to look at the statistics whether it be graphical or manuel.

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 It says this in the documents section of the ENB website
This parameter toggle patch features only or patch with graphic modification. ENBoost users who want to to play with graphic enhancement also, must set it to true:

I have set to false and I get the graphical interface which is the opposite of what the site says. It also says I lose some features with this set to false. When I set this to true i lose the graphical interface.

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