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How do I clamp my FPS like it is done in New Vegas?


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Ok guys, as in my Nexus post I'm wanting to clamp my FPS like it is done with the New Vegas Configitor, except I want this for Skyrim.


It will immensely help in my recordings.  New Vegas with Fraps now records so smoothly at 30fps that it honestly feels like I'm playing it at 40-45fps.  I want this same thing for Skyrim.


If anyone can help me that would be wonderful.  Thanks.

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I'm not after a limiter.  I want to clamp it like the New Vegas Configitor can.  Limiting on its own does not give the same effect unfortunatly.


Clamping also boosts my performance on NV, and hopefully with Skyrim too once I figure it out.. sigh..

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Uh. Clamping IS limiting. It feels smoother because your framerate is not jumping about as things are/aren't rendered when you pan your screen around.


If you have an AMD GPU, RadeonPro can do it.


There's an FPS Limiter wrapper kickin' about the net. A google search will get it for ya.

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