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Skyrim NPC Editor

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OK am I the only one who wishes someone would take the NPC editor and update it to work properly with the 1.9 update, DLCs, and latest mods?


The creation kit is rather substandard when it comes to editing faces for NPCs and custom followers where as NPC Editor is what the CKs should have been but as already mentioned it is seriously outdated.


I'd like to ask Expired to do it but He is busy with Racemenu.

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Happily, there's no need to use either program's sliders etc. to make your NPC's. It's much easier to make a face in-game and use the spf command to create an .NPC file for use in the CK. This gives you a much more accurate & immediate view of what your NPC will actually look like in your game rather than in a render window. If you need to know how to do this, I can provide a tutorial. :)

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