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is dawnguard worth it today? for £13.99

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im trying to start skyrim again with loads more mods, since i got my new pc i can handle alot more.

1 of the mods im looking at needs dawnguard dlc, but im wondering is it worth getting?

is it realy worth £13.99? I mean thats allmost a new game. or it is a new game.


Im also thinking of dragonborn but again its £13.99 all most £30 total just for dlc! btw i have hearthfire

got it for like £1 on steam offer. or just wait for a offer on steam dlc for skyrim?


if your wonding why dont i just buy the legendary with them all in there, would be no point

as i have skyrim. so just wondering what people think of dawnguard and dragon born dlc's


is it realy worth the money?



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I played skyrim for about 300 hours, took a break, then started again with hearthfire,dawnguard and some new mods.

It managed to renew my love for the game and I ended up putting another 300 hours in and I'm still going, so I'd say I got my money's worth, but I'm sure everyone's experience differs.



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