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YoRHa 2B for COtR

https://www.patreon.com/daxosscontent (if you want the scuplt files and the body preset + more content)

YoRHa 2B for COtR

You can use "COtR" mod and "High Poly Head" together because COtR uses a custom race and therefore does not affect vanilla races like High poly.
Skin Feature Overlays SE for 2B mole (install this before then install my modified mole in the download files)
The Eyes Of Beauty SSE
COtR x The Eyes of Beauty - Updated Patch

KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics) not really required but i save the presets with one of them.

Install with your mod manager or put the uncompressed files into data/skse/plugins/chargen/presets.
In game, open Racemenu, choose "Norddz" race and load the preset (the name of the preset end with "COR")
edit:  You can choose an another race like imperialdz or bretondz if you want, it also works!
YoRHa 2B Attire - TBD
YoRHa 2B Attire - CBBE 3BA - BHUNP

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