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Minx Blade

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Its me again ?! I bring you one of my most troublesome yet loved sims. Her name is Minx Blade and she started of as a male sim that glitched into a female and due to corruption of my game with a lot of unmaintained mods gained a lot of weird features and I eventually grew to love her. She is giving me trouble yet again as she is the only sim I am having trouble getting her human form to work. Eventually got her human form on an alien hybrid and I am sticking with it. Her purple form is up for grabs as I uploaded her elsewhere once but her human and vampire forms will be on patreon and will be updated there. Fair warning she is a feisty one if you put her in your game. She is a Vampire, Mermaid, Alien hybrid. 


Most of my sims will be free. Extra stuff like full wardrobe customizations, hybrids, color swap requests, commissions and so on will be done through patreon https://www.patreon.com/BertsCC. If you want me to upload my sims faster or specific ones, support is most welcome and will get me going. If you need or want support or just need help fixing your sims 4, contact me here https://discord.gg/R9V8cbWYAN. You can verify this post by seeing all posts are under my name herbertofury or bert, my gallery ID is Tourmalinem on origin. 


Preview of human form in progress (Her clothes need fixing!)

Raw version and early preview of her family on patreon. 



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