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Game idea for roleplay matchmaking system, seeking advice


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Tl;dr : Trying to make a multiplayer life simulator game that matches characters together based on kinks for roleplay, then writes out a brief scene to get them started. Looking for advice on which gamemaker system to use to make this as easy to achieve as possible.


Hi, so unfortunately with the type of game its hard to find a community willing to give me honest advice, since what I'm trying to make is quite sexual in nature, was just hoping I could get some good advice from another adult gaming community here (been a fan of the loverslab mods for a long time), thought I'd try my luck with you sexy people.


Basically I'm trying to make a game that doubles as a auto life simulation game, and a roleplay matchmaking system. The idea is that people can use it to create characters, fill out kinks, interests, etc. write a description of their character (or at least add a link to a character profile on a site like F-list), then the game adds them to the character pool. From there, the system will matchmake based on the interests, and the character will go on adventures, run into other characters, and have very vague but sexual interactions with them (for example "Sonya was arrested for indecent exposure, but officer derrick offered her a way to get out of jail for free" or "Cedric went to the local tavern and was unable to resist Matt's charms, which lead to a night he won't soon forget.") 

After meeting up with other characters, the users can either decide to play it out, or just pass, and wait for their character to find someone else on another adventure.


I would be wanting to add various settings to the mix as well, plus tiered kinks based on which are favorites, likes, absolute no's etc. I would also want to have a side section for players to submit their own jobs to the game for review, complete with scenarios (just to make sure they aren't trying to add something that others would have a problem with), the plan is to have code templates for different jobs, then I can pretty much copy and paste their work with a few tweaks to variables. 


Worth noting that this is a passion project, and my coding experience is limited. I used to code using game maker studio's code system, and also have a little bit of experience in Java. It would be best to find a system that doesn't have too much difficulty in coding to get this done. I can learn but it will take quite a bit of time since I work a lot, too.


With all that on the table, I was wondering if anyone can recommend any kind of game making systems to use. I could go for the MUD approach, and use a game maker specifically designed for those, maybe just try to use gamemaker studio since I'm familiar with it. If anyone has a unity addon they think would be good for this I'm all ears. I've also seen some neat html based games I could make work. Lastly its worth noting I could partially run this through an actual dating site, since they are easy to make these days, I'm just not sure how I'd add the data from the site to the game code. Thanks for reading, I hope to hear some advice from you all soon ^^

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