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Hair's transparent textures


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Hi guys, i'm having problems with hair in nifskope.

The transparent textures are behaving very oddly, maybe it's because they are overlapping:



I'm using the same NiAlphaProperty and BSlightingShaderProperties as the lashes, but those work fine.

Is there a setting i'm missing or something?

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Hi! Is this hair a mesh that you've converted/created, or is it simply a retexture of an existing mesh? There was a similar problem in converting Sims 2 hairstyles to Oblivion - the layers/locks of hair weren't ordered properly, so the transparency wouldn't display right, just like in your picture. It's an easy fix, but I'm not all too familiar with how Skyrim works (and have no access to it). And I've only fixed it in Blender..


If no one else can help, I can go ahead and shoot if you'd like!

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I ran into this same problem a while back when I exported a hair mesh I modified from Blender, turned out to be Blender resetting the Alpha Test Threshold to 0.


Go into Nifskope and find the flag that says 4845 click on it and set the Alpha Test Threshold to something like 100.

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