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Minecraft Figura mod - Nude Male/Female parts models

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Minecraft Figura mod - Nude Male/Female parts models

This is pack of Blockbench models, designed to use with Figura mod to add breasts, ass and/or dick on your character. 


There is 8 different models:

  • Standart Female/Male/Futa (with their respective parts)
  • Horny Male/Futa (hard dick versions, second variations are with dick looking straight and not slightly up)
  • Tomboyish Female (just ass, without dick or breasts)
  • Hide (use if you want to make all parts dissapear)



  1. Install Fabric mod loader and Fabric API
  2. Install Figura Mod
  3. Unzip pack file in your game folder ("figura" folder must be in ".minecraft")
  4. Run Minecraft, when you are in world, there must be "triangle" button in mouse menu, click it and choose model


You can also add animations to your character with "Emotecraft mod" and/or look at your character first-person with "First Person mod", as far as I tested, only problem I met occurs when you try to combine Figura model with model customisation from "First Person mod", but it's already useless, when you use Figura itself.

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    Minecraft 1.16.5/1.17, Fabric mod loader, Fabric API, FIgura mod


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