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Mya Sumer Randolph is the model showing off this awesome and very realistic looking body preset, "Infinite Shelf Life" which I recently created. This one is not very thick, but curvaceous in al the right places! It features a very small waist, slightly wide at the hips, a small round butt, but it's big when you take in consideration of her slim frame. This body preset is on two other of my sims who are thicker and I'm trying to find screenshots of them so you can see that this preset looks good on slim and thicker sized ladies. But to give you a better visual of how good and realistic this body preset is, please watch this video and see it in motion... Also, let me know who won the twerk challenge https://killasims.com/poll/the-twerk-challenge-who-wins/ on the voting page. You'll see 3 of Mya's competitor friends' shaking their awesome presets too! Lol! ? Okay, Jordane and Wendy are the only other sims I have rocking this new body preset. I have their sreenshots somewhere, but for now, I've included 1 upper half body pic of each of them. I hope you guys like this body preset!


08-13-21_12-58-08 PM.png

08-13-21_12-58-17 PM.png

08-13-21_11-00-03 AM.png

08-13-21_11-01-23 AM.png

08-13-21_11-01-27 AM_VERY_NICE!!.png

08-13-21_11-01-32 AM_VERY_NICE!!.png

08-13-21_12-57-49 PM.png

08-13-21_12-57-57 PM.png

08-13-21_12-58-04 PM.png

Wendy Rogers - [Sim] - Wendy Rogers - [640x640].png

Jordane Capri Friedman - [Sim] - Jordane Capri Friedman - [640x640].png


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