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Animation Questions - Breast Physics and alternative Rigs


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Animating Breasts

For some reason, the boobs on rigs with physics seem to restart/reset at the beginning of the animation, so even if you have a keyframe loop, they start bouncing. I get that the physics aren't tied to the keyframes, but is there any solution for making the animation seamless on Breast Physics rigs?


Because of the issue above and well, the fact that I've found breast physics rigs to be somewhat unstable so far even when you dial down the effects (probably because I'm not using them properly?) is there any rig that lets you animate the breasts but isn't physics bound?

I've found the list on the link below and one by FlowersSimFactory, but all with the exception of the latter seemed to be physics bound or, the ones without physics on breasts, wouldn't let me (or I didn't find a way to do it) animate the boobs manually.

On that note, if anyone has any tips and recommendations for the latest rigs I'm all ears.

 PS.: I don't usually write on forums, literally can't remember the last time I've done it, so apologies if I'm breaking any forum convention in anyway. Just let me know.

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