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PLEASE!!! Need help fixing chastity bra/nipple piercing issue

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So, I am having a problem with my chastity bra and nipple piercings not having its physics working properly. The issue is that the breasts of the character still have the regular physics working, but the bra and piercings stay in place, causing clipping issues. I have used BodySlide and the size and placement of the bra/piercings are correct, no issue there, but the physics are the only problem. Also, other clothing with physics are working properly so far, it is only the bra and piercings that are not afaik.


I use Skyrim Special Edition. I also use HDT-SMP on my character (but even when I swap to CBPC, the issue still occurs. The clipping is of course less). I have all the required mods for DD as well.

Any solutions are very much welcome. I have been having this issue for 4 months at this point ever since I started modding SE.

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