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My mods doesn't show up in the game

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Hello evrybody!


First of all i am new to the whole moding fallout4 business. I cheked the guides and modified my ini files with the requred lines and nothing shows up. I use Vortes, and it worked for skyrim just fine, but with fallout none of my mods are working. After i launch the game from vortes with the script extender and in the mcm some of the mods menu show up but say for exemple missing esm file. I have every requriments, i checked the load order with loot, and it doesn't say anything is wrong with it. I cheked the load order manualy but in theory everything is in order.


Can somebody help me?

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"Uh It's Vortex" You should already have an experience when it comes to modding FO4 since you've said you have Skyrim in Vortex so it should be easy to you now.

But okay I just wanna say couple of basic things when you start modding FO4. So first you said you did edited your custom.ini file, right? (Always do that before you start modding. So I am just going to assume you did since you say you've checked the guidelines)


Second make sure that your Vortex is pointed to the right place and always check your Mod Staging folder. Because sometimes y'know 'it just works' and other times you just have to point it to your Steam folder. So since you said that your mods didn't show up, I am going to assume that its pointed to the right place (because you've said you are able to start the game itself, but only modless) You can also try changing the Deployment Method (Hardlink deployment over to a Move deployment) other ppl said it works for them, couldn't hurt to try right?


My next question is, did you enable your plugins? So make sure they're actually enabled in the plugins section, might look enabled if you look in the mods but its the plugins section which shows if its enabled or not, and make sure all concerned folders are 'writeable', not 'read-only'. Your mod organizer isn't going to be able to save the mod data if it can't write it to the folder.


 Lastly If you still having a hard time for your mods to work you can I suggest watching Gophers Videos, It'll be a huge help to ya.

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